Innovation underground

Welcome to HammerDrum, the youngest "underground" start-up in Switzerland. We are pursuing the vision of developing a technology that can tap the global potential of geothermal energy.  



Geothermal energy is one of the most reliable energy sources of all. However, the use of geothermal energy is limited by various geological conditions. In addition, electricity production through geothermal energy often appears unattractive due to the disproportionate drilling costs. 

HammerDrum develops drilling technologies that can carry out such excavations reliably, precisely and cost efficiently. The goal is clear: to enable base-load power from geothermal sources worldwide.


How do we want to achieve this?

At HammerDrum, we have taken an in-depth look at the challenges of geothermal energy and developed a completely new technological approach. In parallel to our "secret technology", we rely on a impact milling system that we have patented. With this technology, it is possible to reach greater depths with a larger diameter. 

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