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We are HammerDrum

There are countless ways to dig deep. However, none of the methods currently used are economical, energy efficient or sufficiently automated. It is therefore not surprising that geothermal projects are associated with high costs. At HammerDrum, we believe there is a better, more efficient way to explore the underground.

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How it all began 

HammerDrum AG is a startup founded by three passionate individuals, Nicola, Oliver, and Duarte, who share a common vision: to develop the key technology that makes geothermal heat generation economical worldwide. Their mission is to simplify the drilling process so that every apartment building worldwide has the opportunity to cover its entire heating requirement with affordable and CO2-neutral geothermal energy.

The idea for their groundbreaking drilling technology arose during a customer meeting where they sought feedback on a different technology. After the idea was born, HammerDrum AG was founded, and a feasibility study was conducted in collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences to refine the technology and confirm its feasibility.

Almost immediately, an investor who had been searching for a solution to this problem for nearly 30 years recognized the potential of their technology and provided early funding.

With Nicola's mechanical engineering expertise, Oliver's business acumen, and Duarte's startup experience, HammerDrum AG is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the geothermal energy industry. Together, they are committed to creating a more sustainable future by revolutionizing the drilling process and making geothermal energy accessible to everyone.

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