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"Empowering communities towards energy independence."

All of our developments are aimed at creating a key technology for geothermal energy. Why? 99% of our planet is hotter than 1000°C, but we hardly use this heat. Worldwide, energy generation from geothermal energy is well below 1%, which may come as a surprise in the context of the energy transition and the global quest for CO2 reductions. Why geothermal energy has not (yet) established itself can easily be explained by the high initial investment costs. That doesn't mean it can't be changed, quite the opposite. 

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our mission

Our mission is to simplify the drilling process so that every apartment building worldwide has the opportunity to cover its entire heating requirement with affordable and CO2-neutral geothermal energy. We are focusing on the development of a new, cost-effective and space-saving drilling method that can automate drilling up to 3,000 meters. 

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