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Our team

We believe that our team is well-suited to develop a new drilling technology for geothermal drilling. With Duarte Santos' expertise in aerospace engineering and experience leading engineering teams at Aeris, we have a deep understanding of complex technical systems and the ability to design and build innovative solutions. Nicola Nyffeler's background in mechanical engineering and previous work as a product developer at Menzi Muck AG has equipped him with the necessary knowledge to design and build high-performance drilling equipment. Oliver Rau's experience as a former Category Development Manager at Digitec Galaxsus AG gives him a unique perspective on business strategy and market analysis, which is valuable in commercializing the technology.


Together, our team has the technical expertise, creativity, and business acumen needed to develop a cutting-edge geothermal drilling technology that can make a real difference in the renewable energy sector.


+41 76 421 19 12

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