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Our technology

At HammerDrum, we are developing drilling technology that makes it possible to drill deep geothermal wells with a small footprint and at low cost. 



We are developing a drilling technology that reduces the size of the construction site by a factor of 100 compared to conventional deep drilling rigs, enabling deep drilling in urban areas. 


By simplifying the process and the high degree of automation, we can massively reduce the costs for deep drilling by 80%.

technology description

Concretely, we have developed a machine that is located in the well and has all the necessary technologies to do the drilling automatically. Unlike the existing drilling methods (which are driven from the surface), our machine allows us to work in a very small space and largely automate the process. 

The drill is a 6 meter long electrically powered machine. It is lowered directly into the borehole on a steel cable. Arrived at the bottom of the hole, the machine is locked by a gripper and then drills a predefined section with a percussive rotary mechanism. 

The drill cuttings from the section are collected in the machine and pulled back to the surface by the machine once the drilling process is complete (batch drilling). At the surface, the drill can be emptied and prepared for the next drilling operation. To minimize downtime, a second machine can be sunk into the borehole immediately.

According to the simulation, the up and down speed of the drill is about 15 km/h. The drilling progress is about 5 cm per minute. Taking these and other variables into account, a drill hole of approximately 1 km in length can be completed in 3-4 weeks.

Surface handling can be automated and fits perfectly in a container (TEU - Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit Container). This means that the drilling can be carried out in an area of approximately two parking lots. The automation allows continuous and therefore efficient drilling (similar to a lawnmower robot).

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