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We are HammerDrum

There are countless ways to dig deep. However, none of the methods currently used are economical, energy efficient or sufficiently automated. It is therefore not surprising that geothermal projects are associated with high costs. At HammerDrum, we believe there is a better, more efficient way to explore the underground.

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How it all began 

Nicola Nyffeler is a mechanical engineer with many years of experience in product development. In a customer meeting with his company at the time, Nyffeler Engineering, the question arose as to whether a drilling machine could be developed that could dig deep shafts with a large diameter. A kind of tunnel boring machine for geothermal energy. 


In order to develop this machine, the company HammerDrum AG was founded after a year-long conception phase. Also part of the founding team is Oliver Rau, who oversees the business side of the company. 


Even if today's concept is very different from the original idea, the goal remains the same. We are developing a drilling machine that makes the construction of deep heat probes economical.

Our business model

Our strength as a start-up is our ability to innovate and the speed with which we can achieve initial success. However, we are dependent on established partners for completion, market launch and scaling. 

Feasibility study & project planning

Before we implement a project, we carry out a preliminary project regarding the technical feasibility, the economic potential and the ecological relevance. Which also includes:

  • Concept review with experts

  • Clarifications regarding IP rights

  • Development of project roadmap & financing.

Prototyping & Proof of Concept

If a project is implemented, we at HammerDrum build the first prototypes and test them. If possible, we protect our IP with a patent. Core activities in this phase are:

  • Building and testing of prototypes

  • Patenting of relevant technologies

  • Preparations for serial production

Innovation Partner & Go-to-Market

Once the proof of concept has been provided and the technology protected, we look for an innovation partner to bring the development to market. Here the focus is on:

  • Long-term strategic partnerships

  • Short time to market

  • Smooth project coordination.

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