Lucerne start-up is working on new drilling technology


KMU- und Gewerbeverband Kanton Luzern writes: "Whether driving a Tesla, streaming Netflix or mining Bitcoin - modern life requires one resource above all: electricity. A partial solution for the energy transition could lie ten kilometres below the earth's surface. A start-up company in Lucerne is working on it." 11/18/2021

HammerDrum  wins «Zentralschweiz innovativ»

Nyffelerzinno.jpg writes: "The developer of the so-called HammerDrum is 31-year-old Nicola Nyffeler. While scrolling through Instagram, the trained agricultural machinery mechanic and mechanical engineer asked himself why tunnels are still being built with the same technology as they have been for over 50 years." I wanted to find a new way of separating out rock" says Nyffeler. The result is a milling machine that combines the maximum power of a hydraulic hammer with the area performance of a rock milling machine - a large-format «hammer drill» so to speak." 07/15/21